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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Wednesday, 9/13

Chad Willett

Join Chad Willett as he inspires you to unleash your creative potential by SMASHING concepts, walls, barriers, and in short… the box of life! His presentation, “Smash the Box,” will transform your work environment into a culture of innovation where walls are removed, judgment is suspended, focus is sharpened, and team work is exemplified.  Groups that create cultures of innovation turn ideas into actions and become the game changers in their respected industries.

Thursday, 9/14

Kay Frances

Join “America’s Funniest Stressbuster,” as she shares her message to "lighten up, stress less, and take care of ourselves." As a caregiver for seven years, Kay learned the hard way by engaging in every unhealthy habit known to man before making her way back to good health and sanity. It was a long, winding, hilarious road!

Friday, 9/15

Meagan Johnson

Meagan Johnson (BS) is known as a "Generational Humorist" and has an outspoken, take-no-prisoners Gen X attitude and challenges her audiences to think differently and act decisively when dealing with multiple generations. Each generation has a different perception of what motivates them. Meagan will help you understand the motivations and mind-set of each generation, so that working with them, communicating with them and managing them becomes a more successful effort. Learn from Meagan what you can do now to make the most of each generation in your workplace!


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